His Will Orphanage


We are a Christian basic organization and non-profit registered under Ministry of Social Services under Kenyan Law as a charity to help needy and orphans. His Will Orphanage is Under the Umbrella of Living Water Church of God Jesus Christ Kenya. P.O. Box 6506 , Eldoret 30100 , Kenya . We are based in Langas slams in Eldoret Town in Rift Valley Province. We at His Will orphanage and widows work as rescuers. We have managed to assist quite a number either with humanitarian aid, clothing, medical care, shelters, computer training, Evangelism, and education to orphans and needy in addition education to all children, clothing for needy children and feeding destitute.

We have managed to do all what we have done due to your contribution, God blesses the hand that giveth and since you are the one, all blessings will be poured unto you.

By giving to the poor you lend the Lord and He must pay you back, We are Christian based Faith, but when it comes to assist or to help the needy we do not discriminate as all tribes, gender, faith based, none Christian are God’s creation and all belongs to Him. So we serve them equally.

We focus to reach to all distressed, Widows, Orphans and Single Mothers, all those who were affected during Kenya ’s post election violence and many more.

Your help goes 100% to the proposed project or persons

What we have achieved so far;

We have started a computer Collage, Home of orphans, and much more sponsored by Pastor Jay Warner and Mary Warner God bless you so much,

Not forgetting our dear Brother Geno for His contribution during the post violence time we appreciate your prayers so much

We believe you will not mind assisting during this time that our nation is experiencing famine and drought, where more than 10,000,000 people are starving and in most areas they are feeding only with bush fruits      


Main vocational training programs which offer short and longer term courses are in carpentry, carpet and knitting.

The students are young men and women from poor economic backgrounds with few academic opportunities, school drop-outs with little hope of future employment and unmarried or deserted mothers with no family support. At Living Water orphanage they are trained in a practical and marketable skill.


His will orphanage production programs or establishes their own businesses and employment.
His will Orphanage runs a two year training program with six months on-the-job apprenticeship. This training targets
school drop outs and very poor young boys (15 years and over).


After four months training, students have to complete an apprenticeship of two months. The target group for this program is widows, destitute women, women from broken families, disabled people and poor young girls of 15 years and above.


His Will Orphanage provides three months training and during this period wool and any raw materials are provided by the school. The group for this program is widows, destitute women, women from broken families, disabled people and poor young girls of 15 years and above.

Primary and secondary education in Kenya is often criticized because pupils do not learn practical skills that would help them find work in the outside world. Primary schools pupils generally learn such things as reading, writing and arithmetic, until the age of 13 but around 70% are unable to enrol in secondary school, mainly due to the country’s expensive school fees. Unable to continue with formal education, the majority of children return to their villages without the skills to enable them to seek
gainful employment.

To address the problem of high unemployment for young people SAGE is developing programs that put an emphasis in practical and vocational skills training through schools on its
Child Sponsorship Program and with Youth Polytechnics. Young people will be able to access jobs for themselves by putting into practice the skills they have learnt.

Girls and boys graduating from the schools found themselves lacking the skills to assist in supporting their families or fed for them selves. The headmaster at SAGE keen to give priority to a vocational training project designed to teach the girls and boys appropriate skills for the outside world. This project focused on tailoring and sewing; skills that are relevant within the district.

To put the project into motion, the schools needed an instructor as well as the sewing machines, scissors, measuring tapes, thread and cloth. Once these were provided, the pupils were assessed to find out that who has the most interest in and aptitude for sewing and tailoring; focusing on the girls and boys least able to continue with post-primary education. The program curriculum ensures that the students learn to master all the skills, such as cutting cloth, design, swing, needle work, use of a sewing machine, customer service and how to market their products. Upon completion of the training, the students are able to make schools uniforms as well as dresses, shorts and shirts.

Over 70% of local children have no chance of education after finishing
primary school at age 14. The charity was encouraged by villagers to help provide some skills training and built small vocational training schools which was opened in 2003 in Langas and now offers training in: carpentry & masonry, and arts & crafts.

This course is divided into 2 phases:

Technician phase
The Specialist phase

1. The Technician phase

After this phase the candidates are able to do the following abilities:

To work independently.

To be capable of installing according to the specificity of system analyzers or self-analysis, design, install small management systems.
Maintain the existing systems.
Manage to computer room of bodies, companies, factories, instruct practice and teach informatics for the elementary schools.
After finishing this phrase, students will be granted the Diploma of Vocational Training issued by SAGE HIGH SCHOOL.

2. The Specialist phase:

After this phase, the candidates are able to:
Work in
software development Companies.
Develop the informatics application in bodies, companies and other organizations.
Participate in
Information Technology Projects.
After finishing this phase, students will be granted the Diploma of Professional Training
Target group.

Pupils graduated high school
Staff in social bodies and other organizations.


Hotel and Catering

Food & beverage
House keeping
Front office

Air ticket
Tour Escorts
Computer training
After we receive computers since we have only two.


     You can reach us through our mailing address or Email.

P.O BOX 6506 ,
ELDORET 30100 ,

Sponsored by
K.E.K. Gems International Co. Ltd.
We offer free web space to all Orphanages
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